Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making Christmas Sales on eBay

Christmas is always a retailer's biggest time. Online, it's particularly important for several reasons. The first is that Christmas falls during the winter when people are indoors and spending a lot of time online. The other is obvious - people need gifts. They need gifts by a specific date and they either don't want to brave the cold to do it or they simply don't have the time. Keeping these factors in mind, there are many ways to increase your Christmas eBay sales.

Sell on eBay With Christmas in Mind
If you want sales, you have to remember that deadline. You can't wait until mid-December to list your item. You also may not want to list as many auction-style eBay listings. Instead, opt for Buy It Now listings that offer a fixed price for the items. With auction prices being driven up during the Christmas season and the set deadline of December 25, a fixed price is welcome to many buyers. They may even be willing to pay a little more in order to get the item sooner.

List Anything on eBay at Christmas
Some people make the mistake of only listing their winter items or Christmas-themed items in the months preceding Christmas. However, you may lose eBay sales by doing so. people are buying gifts for everyone close to them, include people in warm climates. Just about anything will sell in November and early to mid-December on eBay. But if you don't list it now, you may have to wait months to sell it. People do their serious shopping during that time, so that's when to take advantage of eBay's online traffic.

Ship Your eBay Sales on Time
During the Christmas season, people are hyper critical of handling and shipping times. If you wait a week to ship, expect massive disappointment from buyers. Remember that your buyers have to wrap the gift and may have to then ship it to someone else. They need their purchases quickly. Plan to ship items at least three times a week if you are making regular eBay sales.   

Article by: L. Shepard

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