Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keys to Your Success

Today, I would like to give you information on how to secure your future, how to survive during the upcoming economic challenges, and how to prosper during these times because it is one of the best opportunities in the world.

The first key to success is; who do you listen to? Most people listen to their stupid brother-in-law. I mean think about it, most people listen to idiots. You go on the internet and believe the internet. The internet is filled with lies and bias. It is not true. It has been estimated in research studies that 95% of information on the internet is factually not true. It is opinions that people have. Who do you listen to? Do you listen to the professor at college? I remember I audited a class in college when I was younger. I went to this class at Harvard University Business School. I went to Harvard because I never went to the college and audited this class. I sat in because a buddy of mine was the quarterback of the Harvard football team. This professor goes up on the stage, and this is a scene right out of Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield, and he says, “There are four things you must do if you want to be successful in business. You must do this, this, this, and this.” I am thinking, Oh! My God, I never did these things! So, I was taking fastidious notes and then he says, “There four things that you must never do in business; it will guarantee failure. They are this, this, this, and this.” I am thinking, Oh! My God, I do those all the time! Thank God I am in this class and everything he is saying makes so much logical sense! I am so impressed with his delivery, his information, his logical nature. So, I raised my hand and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m really enjoying what you’re saying and it makes so much logical sense to me. I’m so glad that I’m here and so thankful to be here to get this information. I am just curious. What businesses do you actually own?” He says, “Well, I don’t own any businesses.” I am thinking, Oh my God, the guy is so wealthy, he is young, he made so much money early on, he sold his businesses and retired now. He is teaching! So, I said, “Wow, that’s great. What businesses did you own? Where did make all your money?” And he said, “Well, I never owned a business.” I just sat there looking at him and I said, “Wait a minute, you never owned a business?” He states, “That’s correct.” I said, “With all due respect, what qualifies you to teach this class?” He said, “I am a PhD.” What the hell does that mean?! How is that supposed to help people become successful?!

So, who do you listen to? That is the first thing. Most people listen to the wrong folks. You have to listen to people who have what you want and who have been where you are. I listened to people who had what I wanted, people that had more than me. So, what do you want? If it is money, then you have to find somebody who is wealthy. If it is health, find someone who is super healthy. Does that make sense?

The second key to success is; are you teachable? Most people are not teachable. On a scale 1 to 10, how teachable are you? There is a Teachability Index. The first part is, what is your willingness to learn? The second part is, what is your willingness to accept change? Folks, if you want things in your life to change, you are going to have to change things in your life. Think about that. If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life. If you continue to think and do what you always thought and done, you will continue to have what you always got. You got to change. If you don’t have the dreams you want in life… if you don’t have the money… if you have goals and dreams that have been realized, but you are struggling and are frustrated and are impatient because it is not happening… then you are doing something wrong. How teachable are you?

The next key to success is the training balance scale. There are two parts to the training balance scale. The first part is your thinking, your thoughts. Remember the book, Think & Grow Rich? It was not Work Hard & Grow Rich. It is Think & Grow Rich. Your thoughts create reality. Your brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequency. You have to work on your thinking. You have to get your thinking right, or your vibration right, or your broadcast frequency right because whatever you have is based on what you are broadcasting. Your thinking is the key. Without it nothing will happen. On the other side of the training balance scale is the technique or the skills. You must know what to do. You must know the techniques and skills are not as important. The thinking is more important. If you know every skill and technique in the world, but your thinking is wrong and you do everything correctly technique-wise, you still won’t achieve success. If your thinking is right, but you know nothing, you still can achieve success. When you combine them together, it is a parallel success combination.

Next is Napoleon Hill's secret of success; define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement. What do you want? What is your dream? Do you want a new car? Want a new house? Want to pay off all your bills? Want a monthly income of $10,000, or $20,000 a month? You want to be financially free and independent? You want to travel first class around the world? Want to go to Paris or Hawaii? Do you want to upgrade your home, redo your house, get a new big huge television? What do you want? What is your dream? You want better health? What is your dream? Want to be happy or more secure? Want to prepare for your kids’ college education or just have security in your life financially? What is your dream? Define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement.

The next success principle is that you must take action. Bill Gates said it best on the Larry King Show when they asked him what the secret of success is. He said, number one, the timing. I was at the right place at the right time. Number two, vision. I saw the vision. I saw the potential in the computer industry. But number three, most importantly, I took massive and immediate action. Losers sit in a couch. Winners take action and they take action now.

Next, in order to make this happen, there are five basic things you should participate in. In The Global Information Network, it is a part of what we call “the system.” The first one is audios. You should be listening to audio training virtually every day in the car. Positive inspirational information on audio, which will get your thinking right, as well as, teach you technique. Listening to audio on a regular basis is vital to success. Second is reading books. Reading books on a regular basis affects a different part of the brain than listening to audios. When you read books, you are filling yourself with the imaginative process. Your brain has to use its imagination. Neurotransmitters are activated, dendrites get bigger, you begin to have happier thoughts, your vibration changes, and this will attract more success in your life. Third is going to meetings, symposiums, forums, workshops, seminars, and different types of events, retreats with other positive likeminded people. All successful people do this. They meet on a regular basis and they go attend live seminars, or just go golfing or fishing with likeminded, positive, enthusiastic people. Remember, your income is going to be the average of your five best friends. Fourth is relationships. As I just mentioned, your income is going to be the average of your five best friends. You have to have relationships with people that are likeminded, positive, enthusiastic and goal-oriented, who are like you. You want to surround yourself with people who have goals and dreams and wanna make them come true. If you don’t have those relationships, you need to be part of a club or group to have it. And fifth is recognition. You must be recognized on a regular basis for your accomplishments. It is a biological, emotional need that we all have. You need to be part of a club or group that gives recognition to you and you have to give recognition to others. Giving and receiving recognition is an amazingly powerful little known secret to success.

The last key to success is that all super wealthy people have a printing press, a cash cow. They have some sort of perpetual moneymaking machine that gives some quality residual, permanent, passive income. They get money coming in whether they work or not. They all have it. Donald Trump inherited from his dad all the apartments in Queens, which gave Donald millions of dollars in passive income. He did not have to work for it. The Pritzker family had American Family Publishers. People know Pritzker as high hotel chain, but their cash cow was American Family Publishers. You must have the cash cow. That is why it is so important to join The Global Information Network’s Affiliate Program. It is free and in my opinion, is one of the best moneymaking programs out there.

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Yours in wealth…

Article by: KT

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