Monday, January 10, 2011

The Brain with Two Minds; cont......

Hi Linda!

Yesterday we talked about your Conscious and Subconscious Minds
and now I want to talk to you about the key to why most people

--The Critical Divide--
Between your CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind there is a division
called the "Critical Factor". The Critical Factor takes what the
CONSCIOUS mind is thinking and then seeks approval from the
SUBCONSCIOUS mind to pass the information along. Sometimes it
allows it to be delivered and sometimes it does not.

Many say we develop this Critical Factor at about age six. Prenatal
and neonatal brains operate predominantly in Delta and Theta EEG
frequencies through the first six years of our lives. This level
of brain activity is also referred to as the hypnotic state.

While in this hypnotic state, children do not have to be actively
coached into specific beliefs. They develop a core belief system
simply by observing and interacting with parents, siblings, peers,
teachers, religion and television.

Up about age six we are learning things very quickly. If you observe
children you can see how quickly they are able to pick up new information.
This is because the Critical Factor is not developed.
As we age it becomes more important to exercise caution to know
the difference between right and wrong, hence the Critical Factor
becomes more discerning and developed.

Now that you understand about the Critical Divide, you see how
important it is to be able to cross this critical divide to finally
release yourself from struggle... 

Truly Caring for Your Success!
Dr. Robert Anthony

Get both sides of your brain to work together. 

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