Friday, August 27, 2010

8 Tips to Start Your Own Business Today

Let's face it the job market has been awful for the last couple of years. The Labor Department says that unemployment remains unchanged and the future for employment does not look promising. Over 14 million people are looking for jobs that don't exist and for every one position being offered hundreds of people are applying. People want to work but they can't because many employers and companies are afraid to hire because of the bad economy.

What can you do when there are no jobs and you need to work?

If you think about it; instead of looking for a job why don't you become your own boss by starting your own business? If your business becomes successful and you are able to hire other people then you can take credit for helping to turn this economy around.

If you want to be successful as a business person then you should have certain traits:  First you should know exactly what kind of business you want to create and believe that you can be a SUCCESS.  Do you have VISION? Can you see yourself doing something you never thought you would be doing, can you go the extra mile to make things happen?  Are you PREPARED for opportunities that cross your path and can you set GOALS and meet them?  If you FAIL are you going to stop because of FEAR or are you going to get back up and start again?  Are you willing to take RISKS and step outside of your comfort zone?  Are you CREATIVE and can you think of outside the box ways to raise money for you business?

If you have even half of these traits then you should consider starting your own business.

* If you go to Google and type "what is the best industry to start a business" you will find several industries that you can start researching to start your business.
* Have a business plan, which is a written proposal for a new business. Business plans typically include a description of the company and its products or services, a budget, an overview of current and projected financing.
* Go to the library or bookstores to read magazines and books on entrepreneurs and how to start a business.
* Visit websites like or to research business start-up plans.
* Go to workshops, seminars, and take business classes to enhance your business skills.
* Find a mentor who already has a successful business and ask them for advice.
* When your business plan is complete have someone look over the details to make sure you didn't miss anything.
* When you are ready for financing ask friends and family to help you with start up costs or go to your local community bank; that might identify with you and your vision for starting a business more than a commercial bank.

Remember if you start your own business, and you are successful then you might be the one person to help turn this economy around.

My name is Andrea, I created "Savings Scoop" for people like me who are not sure about their financial future and are living paycheck to paycheck. I want to inspire people to think outside the box and reinvent themselves in this economy.

Article by: Andrea Camille

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