Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Online Business Websites

Online business websites can be a really great way to earn a part time or full time living online. They have many great advantages over building a traditional business or starting a franchise.

Some of the main advantages are the extremely low start up and running costs.
In addition they are also extremely easy and simple to set up and run, and you can usually be up and running very quickly, often in less than a week.

I usually find that my start up costs are around $8-$10 per website and that my running costs are usually around $40-$60 per month for all of my websites.

These extremely low costs allow almost anyone to start up and run their own online business websites without risking any severe financial loss.

Some of the most simple and easy to run online business websites are often found in Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and photography.

Internet marketing and affiliate marketing often have similarities with each other, and in many cases the whole business revolves around promoting your own or other people's products online.

In both cases it is a case of doing some simple research and finding out where people have problems in their lives, and in turn finding and showing them solutions to their problems or dilemmas.

The people who are looking for solutions will happily pay you good money for you to solve their problems. Some of the biggest problems that people have are related to health, the need to earn extra money, or ways to improve their health or lifestyle.

These are also some of the most lucrative markets around the world. Even if you have no knowledge or products in any of these markets you can still make money online.

You can do this by searching online for good quality ready made digital products. You are now free to promote these products with your online business websites on behalf of other companies.

These companies will often help you with your advertising for example allowing you to use free banners etc. They will also look after your customers, deliver their products, and deal with any problems or complaints on your behalf.

There are thousands of products available from digital marketplaces, and these cover everything from building a chicken coop to curing migraine headaches.

By promoting these products and generating sales you will then earn a commission based income from every sale that you make through your online business websites.

Most of us have specialised knowledge in a range of different subjects and this can be anything from baking the best apple pie to renovating antiques or old motor vehicles.

These are known as niche markets; by building our online business websites within specialised niche markets we can rapidly built a customer base of people who are hungry to purchase our specialised niche products and services.

These products are usually in the form of DVDs, CDs, and MP3s, as well as digital e-book's and reports, and occasionally paper products.

Another simple way to earn money with our online business websites is with digital photography; almost everyone has a digital camera or easy access to one.

By submitting your digital photographs to online companies who specialise in stock photography you can build a residual income for life from your photographs.

Once accepted your photographs will be displayed online where the general public and commercial businesses can view your photographs, and in turn purchase them for their own use.

It is possible for each photograph to be sold hundreds of times over and this can lead to a very good residual income. The more photographs you have approved the greater your chances are of earning higher residual incomes.

In addition it is a good idea to submit your photographs to more than one company. This will allow your photographs to be seen by a wider audience, which will allow you to make more sales.

By building several of your own online business websites you can also promote your photographs with the added benefit that you will earn more money by cutting out the middleman.

By building your own online business websites you have the ability to gradually increase your income at your own pace. Over a period of time many people take early retirement and work part time from home.

Article by: Robert Waugh and Karen Waugh

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