Thursday, July 29, 2010

8 of 32 Online Money Makers

1. Offer Credit Card Know-How:
This knowledge is golden today. You become familiar with the formats of electronic payment methods and help other entrepreneurs achieve merchant card status. Once a company or an individual decides to start a business online, they will reach conclusion that they must accept credit cards in order to function and conduct business.

2. Start A Blog:
Pick a topic you know something about and start blogging. Use Google's AdSense program to sell ads on your blog; the more your readers click on the ads, the more money you make. Promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Sell Your Creative Wares:
Start a website to specifically sell your own CD, designer outfit, accessory or book. One doesn't need a record contract, a big book deal or a Macy's to make it any longer.

4. Help Entrepreneurs Get Online:
You'll investigate all the Internet Service Providers and help get your clients online. You can even help them pick out a computer if they need that, too.

5. Open An Import Shop:
You can start your own import shop online. Find a product from another part of the world that you want to import and sell via your website.

6. Turn Trash To Cash:
Visit eBay and other auction sites and start your own business turning your junk into treasure. There are so many auction sites available, but do some research and some reading on the online auction action so you can avoid the pitfalls. Visit and open an account; it's free!

7. Begin A Promotional Biz:
You can start a business helping others establish different types of promotions-lotteries, sweepstakes and contests- on their websites. Trivia contests and promotional gimmicks keep customers returning to a website.

8. Go Cyber In Your Current Biz:
Add online capabilities to your existing business. If you have any type of business, conduct a survey to see if your clients would like it if you added a terminal so they could go online-for a fee, of course.

Article by: Hassan Aryamand
Published in parts.  1 of 3

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