Friday, July 2, 2010

Five Quick Steps to Overcome Your Fear and Begin to Achieve Business Success

There are no limits on what you can accomplish except those limits that you set on your own mind. Brian Tracy

Do you know what holds you back from doing things which you know will help you to grow your business? What is the one thing you have been avoiding because it is out of your comfort zone? All entrepreneurs experience these things when growing a business. It is the choice you make once faced with something fearful which will separate the successful entrepreneurs from all the rest.

Eventually you will reach a point where you are asked to do something and you will wonder whether you are truly able to do it. Do you remain where you are and continue with the status quo, avoid doing anything or do you choose to step out of your comfort zone toward the next level of success? Fear, doubt and worry might begin to arise.

Deep down you know you want success. Sometimes, however, it might seem scary when faced with something you have never done before. At this point your inner critic, those messages you say to yourself when you didn't meet an expectation, will begin to surface saying things like, who do you think you are anyway? or you've messed up other times you tried, why even try? Nothing ever changes. You know the things you say to yourself. Whatever it is the words bring up doubt and fear.

What I have found is your inner game needs to be just as strong as your outer game to reach the next level of success in your business. When you begin holding yourself back it is time to look at your inner game, your mindset. Identify the limiting thoughts which are getting in the way.

Mindset is the primary key element for success. I know you have opportunities. Look within to figure out what is holding you back. There is something you are avoiding. It might be thoughts about deserving, confidence or judgment.

Turn this into an opportunity. Get really honest with yourself about avoidance, sabotage or perfectionism are happening. Figure out the underlying belief, the root cause, to break free from your self-imposed obstacle to success. Claim your power to take inspired action.

Usually one of four main fears stop many entrepreneurs from saying yes to growing their business. The inner critic, those limiting beliefs, and your fears contribute to performance anxiety, perfectionism and time management problems. They include fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of disapproval and fear of success.

Fear is a huge barrier for many people when faced with something unexpected or uncomfortable.

F.E.A.R. is an acronym. It means False Evidence Appearing Real. That is right. It is not what needs to be done to grow your business. The fear comes from how you look at it. Others had already done what you are facing. Now it is your turn.

Fear, worry and doubt will stop you dead in your tracks. You will know if you are ready to take action and do things differently. Use these five steps to quiet the inner critic, overcome the fear and begin taking inspired action for business growth.

1. Figure out what is the underlying reason you are holding yourself back. You might need to dig deeper to really figure out what is going on. Often it is old experiences, memories or messages we heard repeatedly which cause you to stay where you are instead of taking a risk.

2. See if you can come up with alternative ways of looking at things. List as many different points of view as you can think of. Choose the one you like best. Try it on and see how it feels.

3. Focus on the reason why you want to reach your goal. Connect with your purpose.

4. Visualization. It is a powerful tool. Imagine yourself taking inspired action with confidence and ease. Become absorbed in the image as if you were watching a movie. As you are doing this your brain is making changes preparing you for taking action.

5. Finally, focus on the small steps right in front of you. The small actions you take today, one by one, will take you to your BIG goal.

Imagine yourself easily changing your focus. Choose to say yes to those opportunities with confidence. How would that change things for you? Well, it is possible. Stay present and in the now. By taking one step at a time, remaining focused on the big picture, you will discover what was once difficult is now easy. Your success is all about taking inspired action now.

Activity: List all the opportunities you have available to you right now to grow your business. It might be people who have mentioned wanting to be a client, joint venture opportunities or networking events. Now decide which one thing you would like to work on first. What might be holding you back from doing it right now? Those thoughts are related to your inner game, your mindset. Now list alternative thoughts. Pick one you would like to have. Visualize yourself doing that activity with your new belief. You will gain confidence by visualizing it first, then taking action.

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By: Loren Fogelman

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