Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How To Start The Perfect Online Business

There is not the slightest doubt that people who are trying to build an online business usually have to struggle against an ever-expanding number of competitors.

When you stop to think about it, this is hardly surprising. As you get immersed in areas such as search engine optimization, web development and design, online advertising, video marketing, product creation, you soon discover that the hordes of other people doing the same thing and many of them are quite prepared to undercut your prices and push you out of the market.

Therefore the issue becomes - how can one build a business where there is virtually an unlimited supply of customers and in which there is limited competition?

The answer lies in marketing to offline businesses.

World-wide there is an astonishing number of offline businesses who either don't have an online presence, or if they do, it is ineffectual. This means that there is an equally astonishing opportunity to build your brand and become a recognized authority with the services that you offer.

It doesn't matter whether we are talking about web design, SEO or traffic generation, you can build a business with limited competition and minimal effort.

This incredible area of opportunity is sometimes referred to as "offline gold" and with very good reason. The challenge is to determine the needs of each customer and then offer services tailored to those needs. You then introduce them to a whole new world where they can harness the power of the internet to help them grow their own businesses. And guess whose business grows at the same time? You guessed right - yours! Offline gold is a very appropriate name

Let's imagine for a moment a small business owner in your local community who has no web presence. You come along and show him how you can help him grow his business through an effective online presence. This owner is spending over $3,000 per year in advertising in the Yellow Pages and is not getting any new customers as a result. You find out as much as you can about his business and then you set him up with a web site, auto-responder, email, articles and videos and you get his business ranked on the first page of Google. You do this for less than he is spending on his advertising. Do you think he would be interested?

And remember - you can do this with virtually no competition because the field is wide open. All you have to do is start looking around your local community.

Marketing to offline businesses is definitely the way of the future and the way to have the perfect online business.

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Article by: Ian J Purdie

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