Friday, September 3, 2010

Job Search Tips - Three Key Steps to Follow Before You Write Your Resume

Finding a job used to be easy, and you pretty much followed the same process each time you tried for a different position at a new company. You would complete an application form, attach your resume, and get called for an interview. Then, it was up to you to sell your skills in person during the interview process. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to land a job in today's competitive economy.

Sometimes, there are literally hundreds of candidates trying for the same position, while a few years ago it was only a couple dozen running the race, so to speak. With so much competition for any type of job now, there has to be a better way of getting noticed amongst the crowd of candidates.

Successful job seekers know that they have to change with the times in order to be competitive. They understand the key aspects of a job transition, and they research and prepare for each stage of that transition.

A Job Marketing Plan is Necessary

There are many components to a successful job campaign today. It involves an entire marketing plan - not just circulating a resume that you put together using an easy template.  So, how is your marketing doing for you? Is your resume working today?

Every successful campaign follows a strategic plan. We develop a plan for everything else in life, so we should also follow a plan in a job marketing campaign.

Think about it - we plan details for many different things: running for office, planning a wedding, organizing a party, planning a vacation, remodeling a house, etc.

If we organize and prioritize for these events, we should do the same for a successful job campaign. Get your campaign in shape for maximum results during your job transition!

Here are three preparatory training phases to complete before you develop your resume:

Phase 1: Goal-Development
You need to know what you want in a career and how you are going to get it. Developing a job transition goal along with a strategic marketing and action plan will ensure you stay on focus.

Take some time to understand what you enjoyed in previous positions and what you would like to do in future positions. Sometimes, this will reveal skills that you excel in that could be used in different industries or positions. You do not always have to move to a similar position, and goal-development will help you think outside the box to new possibilities.

Phase 2: Company/Industry Research
This is a critical step that many do not take the time to complete; yet it ensures success as the process develops. Learn all you can about the companies that you would like to work for, so that you can better fit your marketing materials to what they are seeking.

Nothing speaks success better than being prepared for a job interview, ready to answer specific questions pertaining to the challenges or growth opportunities of that company. And, company research will reveal which of your accomplishments you should include in your resume to prove the value you can bring to that company.

Phase 3: Individual Analysis
Time for an honest evaluation! Most often, this phase will reveal how you are best suited for your ideal job in the future, based on how you successfully contributed value in the past.

Employers want to know what you will do to make their company better. Take the time to analyze how you helped your previous employers. Think through scenarios where you made a difference, and determine the best way to phrase this for your value-based resume.

After you have completed these training phases, you will be better prepared to develop a resume that will help you win the job race. And, preparing a value-based resume will also prepare you for acing the interview.

If you already have a resume, you may want to analyze it to see if it is fit enough to compete for positions with employers today. The traditional, chronological resume is no longer very successful. Employers want to see, in advance, the potential value you will bring to their company.

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Article By: Naomi Lolley

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