Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Business Idea.... Start a Delivery Business

Looking for an in-demand small business opportunity that doesn't require you to take out a second mortgage to start? Then consider starting a delivery business! There is an ongoing need for quality delivery services that are affordable and reliable, and if you have a truck, van, or even a motorcycle, you can use it for making light deliveries or messages and letters in your community. Many people begin a delivery business by contracting with stores and other businesses in their communities, like law firms or real estate agents, to drop off packages and messages on a retainer basis per trip. Typical rates for businesses of this type are twenty cents per mile, a certain dollar amount per in-city drop, or a certain dollar amount per month to be on call. This can be a very lucrative small business that you can use to supplement your existing income or to build a full time income from.

The Market for Delivery Services
Most businesses have at least some need to make local deliveries and maintaining an on site service can be less cost-effective than farming the task out. After all, merchants and businesses would need to have a vehicle as well as commercial insurance - and then they would need to hire someone to drive the truck and make the actual deliveries, all of which can add up to a lot more than paying your delivery service to do the job. Those businesses that have an on-site delivery methods often experience a peak season where they need the extra help to please their customers and satisfy their demands and orders. A delivery does not have to be merchandise; it can be time-sensitive documents or other papers or a part that a mechanic needs ASAP but doesn't have time to go across town to pick up.

What You Will Need to Get Started
To get started in a delivery business, you will need:

Reliable and fuel-efficient transportation; in large metropolitan areas, some delivery businesses are operated by bicycle, although this business model will not go well in all areas.

A business license and permit from your local and state government as needed.

Commercial insurance for your delivery vehicle.

A cell phone for staying in touch with clients while you are on deliveries.

A mileage log to keep track of your mileage for tax purposes.

Bookkeeping software, if you plan to keep your own records.

Landing Clients

Many businesses have used the same delivery services for years and will be reluctant to give your business a try. This is why it is important to be patient during the start up phase. Slowly develop a stream of clients, provide a good service to them that is reliable and affordable, and you will begin to see your client base grow. You can begin by advertising your services in your local newspaper, and by passing out fliers to various businesses that may need your help. You should also build a custom website that will allow you to be seen in the local search result when someone queries for delivery services. And remember: doing a good job allows you to get the best, free advertising of all: word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers.

Good luck with your delivery business!

Article by: Joseph_Alexander

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