Friday, August 20, 2010

Seven Unique Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur is always thinking beyond the ordinary.
He thinks of multiple ways of doing things differently from what presently exists.
This unique quality is what keeps him apart from the average business owner.

Effective planner
Every entrepreneur is a good planner. He packages himself and business in an organized format.
This quality makes him to be able to plan his time, resources and business in a better perspective.

Positive thinker
Successful entrepreneurs are not pessimist but optimist.
They are never discouraged of any major setback in business.
An optimistic entrepreneur is always looking at the positive way of getting things done in a better and more efficient manner.
This quality makes him to have a high degree of self-control and self confidence.

An achiever
The desire to achieve something worthwhile remains a top priority in the life of every successful entrepreneur.
It keeps him motivated and determined.
Success has a price tag, and the entrepreneur is always seeking to break new grounds in business.

Independent minded
Every entrepreneur love working alone without supervision.
They hate monotony and love autonomy with passion.

Passionate about their business
Passion is a prime mover in the engine of every successful business.
This basic ingredient is always present in the life of every successful entrepreneur.
When things are not working according to plan, passion takes over and creates the capacity to overcome boredom and weakness.

Humility and the desire to learn new things in the ever changing world of business help the entrepreneur to remain on top.
Humility enables the successful entrepreneur to learn from errors and start all over again. Pride remains the number one killer of destiny and business.

By Clement Sadjere

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